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Yeah Benny!!!! This was BBQ Chicken night for dinner....We got a little messy! :) We love ya man!
This was what happened after dinner. We were exhausted!!!! This is Jeannette, Elise, and Dan just lounging waiting for worship to start after dinner.
This is another picture of the coffeehouse. The guy in the white beeter was really awesome. We had an awesome conversation with him. It started with this group then the group grew and the original people went and prayed while Travis from Cal. U. shared the Gospel with him.
These were Jeannette's great guys. She met them on our floor the first night. They are all from Boston, I think. Jeannette had a great relationship with them all week. As a note, the rest of the pics have Jeannette in them, go figure it's from her film :)
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